About us

Countryside tourism farmstead “Trakai” is located in Trakai region, in the village of Jovariškės. There is a historical national park in the area of Trakai, which is the only one of such type not only in Lithuania, but in all Europe. This region boasts 200 lakes around. The farmstead “Trakai” is just situated on the bank of Lake Akmena, which is one of the cleanest lakes in Lithuania. The distance from the farmstead to the area’s center Trakai is only 2 kilometers away and 30 kilometers to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Communication by the main roads being convenient allows to the guests to visit not only Trakai area, but also the most famous historical and national places of Lithuania.

We held weddings, anniversaries, parties, various fests.

We are waiting for guests arriving to Lithuania by buses. There are tourist groups about 50 guests.

We organize Sports and Wellness Camp, seminars on healthy lifestyle topics. We produce smoked hams, sausages, bacon which offer to our customers. We organize tasting of regional dishes and alcoholic beverages.

Up to Vilnius – 30 km

Up to Trakai – 2 km

Up to Lake Akmena – 0,3 km

Up to food shop – 0,3 km

Up to bus station – 5 km

Up to railway-station – 6 km